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The primary focus of MetroTech is the installation, repair, and maintenance of dental equipment. The willingness to install both new and used equipment ensures dental practitioners have greater latitude to control the cost of dental equipment acquisition.

You pay NO office fees, NO travel charges, NO annual contract required. Clients receive equipment assessments and one-on-one professional consultation to discuss a schedule of proactive maintenance.

As a proactive management tool, the equipment assessment gives dentists multiple ways to prioritize and align critical repair needs with time schedules and budgetary requirements.

Personalized Dental Practice Equipment Consultation

Through personalized consultation, MetroTech responds to client requests and concerns by customizing services and supporting documentation to better fulfill industry specific needs. One such response has resulted in meeting an industry-wide need for easier billing procedures and more information about services performed, by creating job and service invoices that provide detailed, concise information in an easy-to-read and understandable format.

By maintaining flexible hours of business, clients experience less overall down time because repairs can be done before/after business hours and on week ends when needed. This approach to specialized hours (upon request) means that major office remodels and multiple equipment installations can occur outside of normal office hours, resulting in less disruption of daily business operations.

Quality Dental Equipment Repair, Affordable Rates

At MetroTech our mission is to provide affordable solutions for dental equipment repair and maintenance to dental practitioners that help reduce down time and facilitate proactive management of repair costs. We provide affordable quality repairs, equipment assessments, and suggest maintenance schedules that promote proactive management of needed repairs.

The field of dental repair and maintenance is a growing industry. As newly installed equipment ages, natural deterioration and regular daily usage contribute to compromised parts that need replacement to maintain optimal functionality.

Furthermore, the cost of purchasing new dental equipment continues to escalate, and dental care providers are choosing to hold on to older equipment longer. This shift towards retaining older equipment means that there is an increasing need for quality affordable repairs that help dental offices to reduce down time and manage repair costs.

By focusing on proactive maintenance and repairs, MetroTech ensures that dental care providers can consistently provide their patients with quality dental care, when they need it


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